Now you can scramble eggs without breaking the shell.
Now you can scramble eggs without breaking the shell.

The Goose Helps You Scramble Eggs Without Breaking the Shell

In the world of Kickstarter food inventions, not every proposed product idea is golden. However, when we stumbled on The Goose, it became obvious why the egg-centric project received over $20,000 more than its asking goal. The one-of-a-kind invention is a low-tech kitchen gadget that helps you perfectly scramble an egg in its shell, making at-home golden eggs easier than ever.

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Our egg obsession over here pretty much knows no limits, so anytime we hear of a new way to eat our favorite treat, we jump on it. The Goose, designed by Y Line and funded via Kickstarter, is the first of its kind to create an easy way to make in-shell scrambled eggs (also known as golden eggs) at home. The hand-powered tool is based on a design from a Victorian-era toy and is made with all-recyclable materials.

The Goose utilizes centrifugal force to perfectly scramble eggs in the easiest, cleanest way we've seen yet. Though we have yet to try these golden eggs, the prospect of a completely blended yolk and white has us ready to shell out for a Goose. Just imagine how smooth your deviled eggs and egg salad are about to become.

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