The Halal Guys is Coming to Tempe and We've Got the Opening DateEXPAND
courtesy of The Halal Guys

The Halal Guys is Coming to Tempe and We've Got the Opening Date

The Halal Guys is coming to town — all over town, apparently — beginning with Tempe.

The first Arizona-based brick and mortar location of the famous food truck will open at 1015 South Rural Road in Tempe at 11 a.m. on Friday, January 27, according to a press release.

Franchisee AJ Ahmad, an Arizona State University alum, said in the statement, "We are excited about our Tempe location for several factors. One reason is because our brand was in-part made famous by college kids from NYU, LaGuardia, and Columbia who were looking for a filling, affordable, and tasty meal and Arizona State University is a perfect counterpart on the West Coast. And secondly on a personal level, ASU is my alma mater and I have a lot of love for the school, fraternities, and associations I was a part of."

From the press release: "The fast casual concept, known for its never-ending lines and a simple menu of various Middle Eastern dishes, has already been well received in numerous markets including Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, and California, and now residents of Arizona will be able to enjoy gyro sandwiches, chicken-and-rice platters, and the famous white and red sauces."

The Halal Guys plans to open locations in major Arizona markets; we'll keep you posted when we know more. The first 100 people in line January 27 will get a free T-shirt.

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