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The mysterious “Senor Agwa”: From Bolivian coca farmer to edgy liqueur mascot

By Niki D'Andrea

This is “Senor Agwa.” At parties acoss Europe and the U.K., he's the face of Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, an imported alcoholic beverage made from coca leaves. You can read about Agwa's arrival and buzz in the Valley in this week's cover story, Liquid Blow? [], but I only recently learned about this interesting Agwa spokesman after scouring the Internet for Agwa party photos. It seems that Senor Agwa hits every Agwa party across the sea, always in the same rainbow-colored beanie cap and sarape.

Senor Agwa was on hand for a huge house music party in Mallorca, Spain last year, with a tray full of Agwa shots. And here is Senor Agwa in front of Buckingham Palace, while he was promoting the drink around London:

According to Senor Agwa -- who won't give out his real name -- he, like his father before him, was a coca farmer in Bolivia. Unable to earn enough money to support his family solely by coca farming, Senor Agwa moved to London and took a job in a factory, where he works seven days a week to support himself and send money back to his family. When he discovered Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, he immediately jumped on board to promote the drink at clubs and parties around London and Europe. He says the drink not only reminds him of home - where he used to chew coca leaves with lime - but “If many people drink Agwa, coca leaf farming will bring riches for my family.”

In case you were wondering if Senor Agwa is for real, here's a video clip of him in action, giving away enough Agwa to get women in an ass-shaking contest (he joins in near the end of the clip):

You can also check out Senor Agwa's Facebook profile here [].

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