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The Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: A Fried Turkey Leg Inside a Grilled Hamburger (Mustache Optional)

Like Parks & Recreation? Us, too! Especially Ron Swanson, -- the proud carnivore, outdoorsman, and government employee (who hates the government) played by Nick Offerman.

In last week's episode, Ron Swanson, when asked if he's ever had a turkey burger, replied, "Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger? If so, yes. Delicious." Sure it was a joke, but the foodies and lovers of the NBC hit sitcom over at decided to try and make Swanson's version of the turkey burger. The results look delicious.

As Ron would say, "Listen, I've eaten a commissary hamburger for lunch every day for twelve years. I just wanted to make sure this pointless health crusade won't affect the only part of my job that I like."

Wanna make your very own Ron Swanson Turkey Burger? Get the recipe, and watch the inspiring clip from the show after the jump.

Click over to Eater for the recipe, a how-to pictorial, and the clip from the show that inspired the creation.

Before you go, here's the ingredients you'll need to make your very own Ron Swanson Turkey Burger:

1 2/3 pound turkey leg
5 pounds ground beef
Oil for frying
About one stick of butter, altogether
1 large, round loaf of bread
Ketchup (optional)


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