The Seven Oddest Restaurant Bathrooms in Greater Phoenix

Our little band of Chow Bella writers is a diverse group, but we do have a few things in common. We all put our pants on one leg at a time, and we all gotta go. And we've all been to a lot of bathrooms in a lot of restaurants. Some, to put it mildy, offer a better experience than others. We don't want to ruin your appetite by sharing tales of the dirtiest restrooms in town (though we aren't counting that out as a potential future post) so today we've got an assortment of the oddest bathrooms we've found in the Valley. Know of another? Leave word in the comments. Better yet, send a picture to [email protected] and maybe we'll publish it.

Hanny's (pictured above)

You know what's really awesome after you've had four too many Moscow Mules from Hanny's? Trying to navigate the one-time mens store's bathroom area.

Whoever had the idea to line the awkwardly shaped bathroom hallway-ish waiting area with TONS of mirrors must have had a really good sense of humor because we have witnessed, on more than several occasions, drunk hipsters trying to find one of the tiny converted changing room stalls in a sea of dark mirrors. And once they come out, it's even more amusing to watch them try and find their way through the maze of mirrors back to the stairway to safely return to their group of friends.

It's super funny -- until it happens to you. Which it will. Some people think this is the "coolest" bathroom in town, but we would rather skip the fun house and just get down to business.

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Eric Tsetsi
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