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The Sunrise at Jobot in Downtown Phoenix: Orange Juice, Meet Espresso

If you are looking for something to unglue those crusty morning eyes, or if you just want a jump start at some other point in the day, stop by downtown Phoenix coffee shop Jobot Coffee and order a Sunrise. This espresso and orange juice combo is a lip-smacker and a surefire pick-me-up.

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Sure, we know we have told you about the union of coffee and orange juice before, but a different coffee shop means a different spin on what ends up in your cup.

To make Jobot's Sunrise, a hearty glass of orange juice is topped with a shot (or more, if you choose) of espresso. All coffee drinks at Jobot are made with the same roast from Cartel made especially for the shop. To make it look pretty, or at least interesting, the coffee is poured to not blend into the juice but to rest on top, creating two distinct layers of beverage. If you're one of those people who likes to create a huge line behind you while you wait for your blended, frozen, sugary coffee drink that's topped with a whipped cream hat, this probably ain't the drink for you. It's tangy, tart and bold -- and a real punch to the senses.

Our Sunrise was made and served up by barista Billie Speece who confirmed that the drink definitely doesn't have much of a middle ground as far as fans go. It's a love or hate kind of beverage. We also discussed the drink's mysterious origin and she told us about some patrons who claimed to be responsible for bringing the two drinks together. We aren't sure of its exact point of creation but it stands to reason that two liquids that get a lot of play time together at morning meals might end up co-mingling.

Four fun facts about Jobot barista Billie Speece:

1. She is a self-proclaimed dog fanatic who has three herself. She wants to hear your dog stories.

2. She has an affinity for snail mail. She makes mail art, sews on paper, loves letter writing and has lots of pen pals.

3. She loves to ask questions.

4. She is a huge fan of the 1970's/80's TV show, "M*A*S*H."

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