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The Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe Name Gio Osso's Virtu Among The Valley's Must-Try Restaurants

Our humble food scene has been getting a nice bit of national attention recently. In the past two weeks, both the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe have complied lists of must-see dining spots and drinking destinations in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

Both outlets named Chef Gio Osso's Virtu as one of their top restaurants to dine at in the Valley. In October, the 25-seat restaurant also made Esquire's list of the Best New Restaurants of 2013 -- and the place just opened last June. Want to see who else made the cut? Read on.

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The Wall Street Journal's "Guide to the Ultimate Long Weekend in Phoenix" also included such spots as Peter Kasperski's Kazimierz World Wine Bar, Dick's Hideaway, and Chef Cullen Campbell's modern Italian restaurant Crudo.

The article reads like a rundown of some of the city's highest-profile eateries, bars, and tourist attractions and includes a schedule with approximate drive times.

In addition to Virtu, The Boston Globe's "Dining along Arizona's Black Canyon Freeway" highlighted Chef Bernie Kantak's Citizen Public House, FnB Restaurant, Matt Carter's The House, and Barrio Cafe.

The rundown of restaurants includes dining destinations all along the Black Canyon Freeway, including eateries in Sedona and Flagstaff.

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