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This Tokyo Restaurant Has Changed the Conveyor Belt Sushi Game Forever

It's probably been a few years since anyone thought of conveyor belt sushi restaurants as anything more than a gimmick. Sure, having plates and plates of shining fish slide right past your table, ripe for the picking, is a cool experience -- once.

But a new restaurant in Tokyo is making traditional conveyor belt sushi restaurants look like child's play. The virtual waiter-less restaurant uses technology to deliver made-to-order dishes to your table via high-speed conveyor belt -- and if you eat five plates, you can get play a game!

Prepare to be amazed.

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As you can see in the video below, the restaurant offers the usual conveyor belt sushi stuff. But if you also want to order something different or want to special-order one of the rolls, you can do so via a touchscreen at your table. And here's the coolest part: It comes directly to you from the kitchen on a futuristic high-speed conveyor belt.

And you know those pesky used plates that tend to stack up on your table? Well, they solved that problem, too, by having a tableside receptacle for them. Just insert your waste into a slot, and the thing calculates your tab for you. Finish five plates and a little mini-game pops up on your table's tablet, and, yes, if you win there's a prize.

Of course, we can imagine there would be a few downsides to this dining experience. For one, restaurants where your food is spinning around for who knows how long before you choose to eat it aren't exactly known for having the best-quality food. And then there's our sneaking suspicion that though this seems cool in theory, in practice it might be a little . . . creepy.

According to Geek.com, not only does the restaurant monitor how much you eat for billing purposes, it also knows how many people are eating and what they are eating to let the kitchen calculate what they should be making and how much.

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