Battle of the Dishes

Three-Way Taqueria Showdown: El Guerrerense, Don Beto and Yaqui

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In The Other Corner: Taqueria Don Beto

The Setting: The setup for Don Beto is inside an old convenience store. As you get out of your car, loud banda music is playing outside, getting you in the mood to devour some tacos. A hand-painted menu sits outside showcasing the meat selections available, including lengua, asada, cabeza, pastor and pollo. Once you get inside, eight foldout tables and chairs serve as the dining area. The server comes and takes your order, and tacos are in front of you in less than five minutes.

The Good: We ordered the three meats available, which where asada, cabeza and al pastor. The asada at Don Beto piqued our interest with its juiciness and bold flavor. Not a piece of dry, overcooked meat was in that taco. Likewise, the cabeza taco was somewhat addicting. The meat was tender and moist and had that melt-in-your-mouth affect. The tacos came with a side plate of sliced cucumber, radishes and lime, as well as bottle of hot salsa and a fresh avocado salsa. Both sauces complimented the tacos.

The Bad: Lackluster al pastor is the worst, and the al pastor in our taco looked and tasted like leftovers. It wasn't fresh or flavorful, like you'd expect al pastor to be.

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Natalie Miranda