Tie Dye Pops, a Cool Summer Treat

Making raspberry and yogurt Tie Dye Pops is so easy there's no reason not to try it. The best part - no oven or stovetop required. 

All you do is take 3 pints of fresh raspberries and puree them in a blender for about a minute. Then pour the puree through a fine mesh sieve or colander to remove as many seeds as you can. You should end up with around a ½ cup of gorgeously colored dense raspberry puree. Add one tablespoon lemon juice, stir and set aside. 

Next blend 32 ounces of low-fat or nonfat vanilla yogurt with another tablespoon of lemon juice until smooth. 

All that's left to do is layer the yogurt and raspberry mixtures in ice-pop molds, and for the finishing touch swirl the two mixtures together to create a tie dye effect. We used a chopstick for blending ours. 

We followed Martha's recipe to the T -- there is no added sugar -- just berries, yogurt and lemon juice, but truth be told the pops were a little too tart for our taste. We'd recommend adding a little honey or a splash of fruit juice to the fruit puree. Then the taste would be just right like a smoothie that's been frozen, tart and sweet. 

Ice pop molds are easy to find right now -- we picked some up for $2.99 for a four pack. Though maybe we should have sprung for a fancier version. We had a bit of trouble dislodging our pops from the mold but running a little hot water over it helped. 

This recipe makes one dozen ½ cup pops and also has variations using blackberries and plums, or you could improvise and create your own flavors. We're already envisioning a pina colada flavor with pureed pineapple and a little coconut milk added to the yogurt. Mmm summer is looking good. For best results freeze overnight.

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