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Tom's Tavern & 1929 Grill: More Standard Than Super Bowl

Tom's Tavern & 1929 Grill in downtown Phoenix has seen almost as much history as the state of Arizona has.

Originally the city morgue on Adams Street until namesake Tom Higley opened the business in 1929, the landmark tavern had been around for more than 80 years in various manifestations before being purchased in early 2011 by the Bidwill family, owners of the Cardinals.

Last year, following a few months of renovations, I stopped by Tom's Tavern and was impressed with my noontime meal. Unfortunately, subsequent visits proved less than pleasing.

Here's a taste from my review this week:

"Meat dishes smoked in-house, like the pulled pork and the baby back ribs, are well prepared; however, the lackluster sauces only hint at the sweet or spicy flavors touted on the menu. Not so with the Tavern Meatloaf, but the signature creation goes too far in the opposite direction. Arriving in a handled bowl, its seasoned ground beef and pork stuffed with a hard-boiled egg is covered with a cloying sauce that negates any other taste possibilities. Unfortunately, sides of salty seasonal vegetables and dry Parker House rolls do little to aid the entrees."

Get the rest of the story here.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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