Top Ten Food Trends for 2009

Ever since I heard of Faith Popcorn and trend forecasting, I have been fascinated with the notion of predicting the next big thing. Well The Food Channel has a crystal ball, too. Check out the new list of predicted food trends for 2009:

1.) Home on the Range -- Downsized economy breeds new generation of home chefs, more food-savvy than their predecessors

2.) Foodie 2.0 -- Growth of virtual and non-virtual food communities

3.) Going, Going Green -- Kitchens go eco-conscious

4.) Living La Vida Locavore -- Eating locally and seasonally, both at home and in restaurants

5.) TMI? -- Is seeing the calorie count on the menu Too Much Information (TMI), or will it lead to healthier choices?

6.) FrankenFood -- The rise of bioengineering and genetically modified food; the next evolution of last year's Functional Food trend

7.) Food Philanthropy -- Individuals and companies address world hunger

8.) Food Insecurity -- The call for tighter food controls, after the tomato and jalapeño scares of 2008

9.) Brewing Business -- Striking a balance when cost is an issue; the divide widens between the exotic and day-to-day food needs

10.) Where in the World... -- is the next flavor trend coming from? It's all about globalization and variety

What do you think will be the next foodie obsession? Is there something that should've made the list? -- Michele Laudig


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