Tully's Intense Dark Chocolate Mocha

Tully's Coffee is a chain, but we haven't seen too many locations in the Valley. But we stumbled upon a Tully's last week in the Fry's Markerplace off 27th Avenue and Bell Road, and since we'd never tried Tully's (gasp!), we decided to stop in.

We ordered a tall "intense dark chocolate mocha," and it was well worth the visit.


Not only was this the darkest coffee we've ever tried (must be all that melted chocolate), but it was the sweetest, too (we probably didn't need that dallop of whipped cream). We felt an almost instant sugar rush on the first sip, and we're not being dramatic.

The dark chocolate taste was very pronounced, but thankfully, our java lacked the grit that hangs out on the bottom of many chocolate coffees. Gulping Tully's dark chocolate mocha left a thick coating on our tongue and a syrupy taste in our mouth, but it was so hot and scrumptious that we made short work of it.

Our sugar rush lasted about 15 minutes, but surpringly, there wasn't a huge crash afterward, so the caffeine content in the mocha was high enough to sustain our buzz. We wouldn't recommend this as a potent morning coffee, but Tully's intense dark chocolate mocha could definitely serve as dessert...and then some.

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