Tweezers v. Tongs Dinner Featuring Chefs Kevin Binkley and Chrysa Robertson

Anyone who's eaten at both Binkley's Restaurant and Rancho Pinot can tell you that chefs Kevin Binkley and Chrysa Robertson have two different cuisine styles. And the chefs, who also are longtime friends, know it, too.

In fact, they've long debated — okay, joked — about whether Binkley's elaborate, precise food (often crafted using tweezers) or Robertson's natural, rustic food (she uses using tongs and a grill) is best. 

Next month, they'll try to settle the argument once and for all. On Tuesday, September 15, at 6:30 p.m. chef Kevin Binkley of Binkley's Restaurant, Bink's Scottsdale and Midtown, and Cafe Bink will team up with chef Chrysa Robertson of Rancho Pinot for a dinner event called Tweezers v. Tongs

For each course, the chefs have chosen several seasonal ingredients and each will prepare a different dish using the same ingredients for each course. Here's a preliminary menu:  

Welcoming Bites and Sparkling Wine 
Thai-style Salad
Pickled with Country Pork Terrine 
Fresh with Chicken Liver Mousse

Main Course
Wild Salmon 
Tartare with Garnishes
Grilled with Corn & Lobster Mushrooms
Grilled Breast with Fig Chutney
Braised Leg with Apricot, Olive & Grits

Seasonal Fruit
To Be Determined

Tickets to the dinner, to be hosted hosted at Rancho Pinot, cost $90 per person and will included a welcome glass of sparkling wine. Seating will be at large community tables. Due to the nature of the dinner, the chefs will not be able to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies. 

For a reservation, e-mail [email protected] or call 480-367-8030.

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Lauren Saria
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