Closed for Business

US Fries on Mill Avenue in Tempe Has Shuttered

We've got bad news for Tempe's poutine enthusiasts. Just over a year after opening on Mill Avenue, US Fries has closed its doors for good. 

The restaurant was located at 414 South Mill Avenue and billed itself as "Arizona's first poutinerie." The menu included poutine and burgers, including both classic poutine and some not-so-Canadian versions topped with things such as ground beef, cheese sauce, and pickles. Last summer, the restaurant's opening was a highly anticipated one, after the restaurant announced its plans to open in Tucson way back in May 2014. 

The upside is there are still plenty of places to get your poutine fix in metro Phoenix — although, we'll admit, none are dedicated poutine restaurants like US Fries. One of our favorite spots is Short Leash Hot Dogs, where you'll find poutine that's "a messy heap of rich, salty flavor, totally devoid of pretension yet high in the comforting properties associated with good, fatty food."

For more information, check the US Fries website
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Lauren Saria
Contact: Lauren Saria