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Now Open: Plant-Based Cinnamon Roll Joint Cinnaholic Opens in Scottsdale

Plant-based pastry shop Cinnaholic is now open in Scottsdale.
Plant-based pastry shop Cinnaholic is now open in Scottsdale. Cinnaholic
Vikas Mittal, a former Wall Street banker, is now the owner of Cinnaholic, which opened in Scottsdale this month. Cinnaholic carries customized cinnamon rolls with various frostings and toppings with one key difference — "Everything is plant-based. There is no milk, butter, eggs, or cream cheese," says Mittal. Those who face dietary restrictions or allergies can still enjoy a cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic.

Plant-based doesn't mean the cinnamon roll is a compromise on taste. Mittal is confident the Cinnaholic cinnamon roll is comparable, if not better, than the traditionally made roll. "If you were to do a taste test, I doubt you'd be able to recognize the vegan cinnamon roll," says Mittal. On my visit to Cinnaholic, I had a few bites of the caramel apple pie, a cinnamon roll with caramel frosting, fresh apples, and pecans, and it had the same bite and flavor of a regular roll. Mittal is right; I didn't detect a difference.

According to Mittal, creating the right formula is intentional and requires trial and error. "It is difficult to create a dessert without dairy products, but it is all about combining the right ingredients." Tinkering is critical, and finding out what works and doesn't work takes time.

click to enlarge There are several frostings and toppings available at Cinnaholic. - CINNAHOLIC
There are several frostings and toppings available at Cinnaholic.

With constant experimentation, Cinnaholic has developed several varieties like sparkleberry, tropical bliss, campfire s'mores, Cookie Monster, caramel apple pie, and, of course, the classic old-school cinnamon roll with vanilla frosting.

The rolls are made fresh daily and are rotated after 30 or 40 minutes and replaced by newer desserts. "We want the rolls to be fresh, and if they are not bought, we either donate them or drop them at various businesses for taste tests," adds Mittal. Having fresh rolls is a key in the Cinnaholic business model, and a baker makes them during the day.

This is Mittal's second Cinnaholic location after opening another in New Jersey in 2019. He's hoping the idea of plant-based cinnamon rolls catches on in the Valley. He's opening a second location in Tempe later this year. To run a successful business, he believes it requires three essential facets. "The right product, the right location, and customer service" are key, according to Mittal.

click to enlarge Catering is available for birthday, celebrations, and other events. - CINNAHOLIC
Catering is available for birthday, celebrations, and other events.

Cinnaholic isn't just a dine-in dessert place. Catering is available for birthdays, parties, and business events. "Build-your-own cinnamon roll" includes the options of three different frostings and toppings. Individuals can customize their version of the best roll.

Although Cinnaholic appeals to the vegan palette, the cinnamon rolls will appeal to any dessert lover at heart. It's also a fun place to eat, the purple walls and balloons greet your welcome, and there is something cheery about seeing all the cinnamon rolls in the glass case. You're automatically in a good mood, whether you're an adult wanting a little something sweet or a child who wants to try every roll on the menu.

9220 East Vía de Ventura, Suite 118, Scottsdale
Open daily 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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