Veggie Girl: Lisa G's Wine Bar and Cafe

By Megan Irwin

I was particularly amused by the tiny pickle used as garnish for my sandwich at Lisa G's.

Ahh the “Veggie Sandwich.” The staple of cafe/bistro menus that cater mostly to meat eaters, but don't want to exclude us veggies. Veggie sandwiches all share key characteristics: fancy bread (usually house-made), zucchini, peppers (usually roasted), cheese (usually high-end) and whatever other roasted veggies are on hand and in season.

I'm okay with this. I like these ingredients and, while I sometimes wish I had more options when out to eat with my omnivore friends, I’m grateful that the only choice is at least a good choice.

I recently had a particularly good version of The Veggie at Lisa G’s Wine Bar and Cafe in central Phoenix. It was one of the more interesting ones I’ve tried lately.

It had all the usually ingredients: focaccia bread, roasted eggplant, zucchini, peppers and Portobello mushrooms (which actually I don’t see on sandwiches as often as I should) and tomato jam. The cheese was fresh, perfectly melted herbed farmer’s cheese. It was rich and surprisingly unique tasting. I’m guessing it was the cheese and the Portobello that added a flavor I’m not used to finding on The Veggie. It was damn good, and when going for the typical vegetarian standby, that’s all I can ask for.

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