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Virgin Airlines Takes Flirting to a Whole New Level (Literally) With Seat-to-Seat Drink Service

Singletons, rejoice! Sir Richard Branson -- as in the English business mogul and owner of the Virgin Group -- wants to help you get lucky. And not just lucky in a win-the-lottery sense. No, he means Mile High Club kind of lucky. In fact, he's so dead set on helping you out that he prepared an instructional video and is rolling out new features on Virgin America airplanes to help you seduce your fellow passengers.

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Single ladies and lads, meet "Red," your new best friend for in-flight flirting.

In the video above you'll see Branson offer a laundry list of tips for getting lucky. His suggestions involve "unleashing a philantro-puppy" (as in an adorable speaking puppy) on the object of your affection, impressing her with space ship sky writing and pole vaulting her into your hot air balloon so you can travel to your private island.

"If you need a more cost-effective alternative, try treating her or him to something delicious using the new seat-to-seat feature of Red," he suggests.

The new feature allows passengers to order drinks, snacks or meals for other good-looking passengers using the in-flight entertainment system. Because that wouldn't be creepy at all, passengers on the prowl need only locate their potential honey's seat on a digital map, select what they want to send, and add a message.

Virgin America launched the new seat-to-seat delivery service to mark the start of its Los Angeles to Las Vegas service this week though it isn't available on all flights yet. The Red system also offers Wi-Fi, the option to use an open tab for the duration of your flight and chat rooms to keep you connected (or get you connected) with other passengers.

We're a little concerned about the potential for quite a few awkward interactions when alcohol and desperate romantics collide in an enclosed space. At least at a bar you can get up and walk away.

Then again, who are we to turn down a free drink? Bombay Sapphire and tonic will do just fine in case you were wondering.

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