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Wahsun: EaterAZ in on "Chinatown-Style Secret," Wendy Porter Gets a Scare

Oh dear, it seems I may have let a big secret out of the bag.

Wahsun, the tasty, no-frills, quirky Chinese restaurant I reviewed a couple of weeks ago calling it, "one of the Valley's Chinatown-style secrets," appears to also be a hidden favorite of a couple of other Chow Bella friends: the folks at the food scene website EaterAZ, and Wendy Porter, PR gal and wife of Petite Maison's James Porter.

Yesterday, EaterAZ admitted mad love for Wahsun on their website, saying:

"We have kept something from you and we're very sorry. When people ask us what our favorite restaurants are, we come clean with a good, solid list. When people ask us if there's ever been a restaurant that we've kept from writing about because we don't want it to get so popular that we can't get a table, we say no.

Well, we lied. There is a place. And it's called Wahsun."

EaterAZ also tells of Wendy Porter's obsession with the joint, including a funny story about egg rolls, a window sign, and Wahsun's sketchy hours. Read it here.

Sorry guys, Wahsun was just too damn good to keep my big mouth shut about -- but it's nice to see I'm in good company when it comes to secrets.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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