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Watch This Awesome Omakase Stop-Motion Video

Ever seen sashimi fillet and prepare itself? Neither had we -- until now. In this totally awesome stop-motion video from a Boston sashimi bar, you'll see how to break down a full Japanese yellowtail and prepare a (pretty funny-looking) geoduck.

Warning: If you don't like raw fish, just walk away now.

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The video, uploaded by videographer and journalist Katy Jordan, shows just a few of Uni chef Tony Messina's favorite preparations, from fish to table. It includes a breakdown of how they put together the restaurant's namesake uni dish.

And if you're ever in Boston or are planning to head to Boston, you might want to keep this spot in mind for a few other reasons besides just its artful sashimi dishes. Last weekend, Uni pastry chef Monica Glass, who was named one of the year's best new pastry chef's by Food and Wine magazine, offered up something unique for the restaurant's late-night diners: BBQ-Themed Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Yes, really. How about a smoked brown sugar cookie with tomato peach sorbet after that fresh hamachi? Or corn cookies with brown butter ice cream?

The restaurant also is known for its late-night ramen, available only after 11 p.m. Thursday through Friday. And we can see why people would want to stay up late for a $10 bowl of purportedly giant bowl of delicious noodles.

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