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Watch This Man Pour the World's Most Expensive and Oldest Cocktail

Salvatore Calabrese mixed up world's most expensive cocktail at the Playboy Bar in London, which he owns. The single drink, dubbed "Salvatore's Legacy," cost more than $8,000 and was mixed exclusively with alcohol 100 years old or older.

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Most time when people serve "The Most Expensive Drink Ever" they tend to cheat by including a gold emblazoned glass or a jeweled stirrer. That's cheesy to say the least, it clearly shouldn't count unless you consume the diamonds with your meal.

Calabrese's record breaking attempt was delayed by several months after a customer accidentally smashed a nearly $80,000 bottle of one of the spirits. Thankfully, a replacement was procured and he was able to go ahead with his plans.

The "Salvatore's Legacy" contains the following:

We can only imagine that it tasted like, as Salvatore himself says, liquid history. To put some of that history in perspective, let's take a look at what was happening when these various alcohols were bottled.

  • 1788: The American colonies begin ratifying the Constitution.
  • 1770: British troops fire on colonists in the now infamous Boston Massacre. Marie Antoinette marries the man who would become King Louise XVI.
  • 1860: The Pony Express starts regular deliveries. Charles Dickens releases the first installment of Great Expectations.

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