Watch Will Ferrell Speak Swedish and Make Fart Jokes on Behalf of Old Milwaukee

Will Ferrell has done another series of ads for Old Milwaukee Beer this time in... Sweden? The comfortably retro looking ads are apparently airing on Swedish television and feature Ferrell speaking fondly of Old Milwaukee Beer in Stockholm and ts environs.

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This is the second set of ads Ferrell has done for Old Milwaukee, the first being an equally strange series aired earlier this year during the Super Bowl but only to a tiny audience of viewers in North Platte, Nebraska. That original ad can be considered a masterwork of viral guerilla advertising.

Infart is of course Swedish for "approach" or "drive." I

Here's another ad with Ferrell actually speaking Swedish. Slate's commentators seem to have formed a consensus that he is saying, "This is my boat. This is my woman. And this is my beer. Old Milwaukee. It's all right." Ferrell actually married a Swedish actress, Viveca Paulin, so perhaps it's not surprising that these ads are popping up there.

Here's another ad with Ferrell... riding a bicycle to some truly VHS worthy music.

And finally, here's Ferrell trying on a more dramatic role.

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