Takeru Kobayashi midway through his 60-second run on 12 hot dogs.
Takeru Kobayashi midway through his 60-second run on 12 hot dogs.
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Watch World Record Hot Dog Eater Destroy 12 Hot Dogs in 60 Seconds

Watching competitive eater Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi slam 12 hot dogs in under 60 seconds is a bit like watching National Geographic footage of great white sharks in a feeding frenzy: It's chaotic and slightly creepy at first, but if you slow down the footage, it turns almost balletic.

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This particularly footage was filmed at the New York Art Fag City Wienerfest and Fundraiser, which raised money for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Though this wasn't an official eating event, Kobayashi's 12 hot dogs easily tops the current one-minute hot dog record, which stands at nine.

If it seems you haven't heard from Kobayashi in a while, you're probably not alone. As it turns out, Kobayashi has been in a protracted contract dispute with the Major League Eating , which is reported to have tried to push Kobayashi into a contract that would limit his appearances to sanctioned Major League Eating events. That occurred in 2009, and he hasn't been in the world famous Nathan's Famous hot dog eating competition since. He has, however, competed independently of the event for a couple of years now.

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