Guilty Pleasures

We Tried Watermelon Oreos So You Don't Have To

The Guilty Pleasure: Two limited-edition varieties of Oreo cookies Where To Get It: Your favorite grocery store The Price: About $3 What It Really Costs: It's all in the aftertaste.

I have to hand it to Nabisco for revving the Oreo marketing machine in recent years. The product line was once just a choice of Regular or Double Stuf. Now, there's a new one every time you shop, it seems.

Most of the variations are fairly simple. There are seasonal color variations. There are reverse Oreos with vanilla cookies and chocolate crème filling. Then there's a fairly new offering, the Heads or Tails Mega Stuf Oreo.

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The Mega Stuf Oreo obviously targets those folks who can't get enough Oreo filling. Ever jury-rig a Quadruple Stuf Oreo by twisting apart two Double Stuf Oreos, and pressing the fillings together? That's the idea behind Mega Stuf. Judging by the size of the Mega Stuf, it has about three times the filling of a regular Oreo. To give it a little extra novelty, one of the chocolate wafers is replaced by a vanilla golden wafer.

I'm a little torn on Mega Stuf. There's so much filling involved that any of the typical methods to eat an Oreo make the filling too much of a good thing. I've found that the best way to attack one of these is to twist it open, lick out some of the filling, then put it back together and consume as you wish.

There is a definite downside to the Mega Stuf Oreo: All of that shortening in the filling leaves a greasy film on your lips. On the bright side, you won't need lip balm after eating a couple.

Then there's the Watermelon Oreo. It's the latest in a line of flavored Oreos, including strawberry, birthday cake, and candy corn. To reinforce the theme, the Watermelon Oreo's filling is red and green. Since the chocolate wafers would prove distracting, Nabisco went with the golden vanilla cookies to surround.

Your enjoyment of this cookie depends entirely on your feelings regarding watermelon flavoring. I found the sensation of eating a Watermelon Oreo to be unsettling at best. The soft texture of the filling and the distinct taste of watermelon flavoring come together to make my brain go "Oh, God, I'm eating watermelon gum."

If you can get past that sensation, you'll probably find Watermelon Oreos oddly enjoyable. Personally, I'll stick with the original.

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