Guilty Pleasures

Wendy's Pulled Pork Cheese Fries Make an Unnecessary Comeback

The Guilty Pleasure: Pulled Pork Cheese Fries
Where to Get It: Wendy’s
Price: $2.99
What it Really Costs: A little bit of the Southern gentleman/belle in all of us.

When cheese fries aren’t enough, Wendy’s decides to throw a couple of other ingredients on top of them and call it a special new item (even if the chain did the same thing last year).

This time around, that “special” item is the container of pulled pork cheese fries available as a (500-calorie) side to your pulled pork cheeseburger (or any other item on the menu).

While the pulled pork cheese fries are far from the worst thing we’ve ever eaten (we ate a hot dog pizza not too long ago, and we still shudder thinking about it), it’s certainly got some glaring issues.

To start with, it’s ridiculous to think a three-buck 500-calorie fast food item should be considered a side dish, but that’s pretty much what it is. There’s no way it’s enough food to make it a meal for a full-size human being, and it even leaves you with an empty feeling when eaten as a snack (how we ate it).

Then there’s the problem of texture. In the few minutes it took to get the fries from Wendy’s to the table, the BBQ sauce (we went “Smoky” because we’re almost always going to take the middle option if presented with three) seeped into the fries, causing the whole thing to become a soggy mess. Sure, there were still some crisp spots, but the center of the fries had definitely seen better days — er, minutes, we guess.

On the upside, when it comes to taste, the fries weren’t bad. But the whole “pulled pork” thing might be a misnomer. Yes, there was pulled pork on the fries (albeit, somewhat bland pulled pork in a barely flavored sauce), but the primary topping was clearly red onion. From strands to tiny chopped pieces to larger chunks, there was definitely a disproportionate amount of onion on the fries. If you’re super into it, then the additional onions would be a blessing. It’s not for the rest of us non-onion-loving diners.

To recap, the pulled pork cheese fries from Wendy’s are soggy, relatively bland, slightly expensive, high-calorie, and piled high with onions instead of pork. That said, there’s something delightful about fries, meat, and BBQ sauce of any kind, so who are we to hate? 
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Josh Chesler
Contact: Josh Chesler