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Whoa -- Chipotle Has A Food Truck (in Austin)?! And Food Trucks Are Coming to New Times

Remember back in January when our favorite food critic, Laura Hahnefeld, predicted the rise and fall of the food truck? She said something about how fast food companies would start jumping on the mobile kitchen bandwagon and it looks like her crystal gazing was spot on.

Turns out, fast food burrito chain Chipotle has a food truck that roams around Austin, TX serving up giant burritos to the masses.

And if we're lucky, maybe we'll get our own Chipotle food truck in the near future.

The "sustainable" fast food company is only focusing on their Texas market for now but a petition to bring Chipotle truck to Phoenix has been started by Scottsdale resident Youri Litvine.

As far as fast food goes -- Chipotle's our favorite, but we're pretty sure we have enough mobile burrito kitchens as it is.

If you feel differently and would like to see a Chipotle truck roaming the streets of Phoenix, click here to sign to petition. (At least take a look at it. The reason why people are signing is worth a click)

And don't forget to join Phoenix New Times this Friday for the paper's first Food Truck Meet Up. Five trucks will be setting up behind the New Times building at 12th Street and Jefferson from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Avoid the crowd at the Downtown Phoenix Market and try new eats from Buzz N' Beez, Market Smart (AKA Q-Up BBQ), Epic Hot Dogs, SuperFarm SuperTruck, and Luncha Libre. See ya Friday!

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