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Windsor's Matty Helland Wins Devour Bartending Competition

It was mixologist mayhem this Wednesday night at The Vig Uptown, where, among a packed house of more than 150 spectators, 11 bartenders went head to head for prizes and bragging rights at the 3rd Annual Devoured Cocktail Competition.

Matty Helland of Windsor, restaurateurs Craig DeMarco and Lauren Bailey's cool home of American cuisine and killer cocktails, took the crown with a creation called No. 9 -- which Windsor plans to offer this weekend in celebration of the big win and to round out this weekend's Devoured experience.

Read on for Helland's No. 9 recipe and to see who else placed in the competition.

No. 9 From Matty Helland, Windsor

1.) 1.5 oz of house-infused Arroyo Vodka with:

- Coriander Seed

- Black Peppercorn

- Cloves

- Cinnamon Sticks

- Apricot Blossom

2.) Mist the glass with Yellow Chartreuse

3.) Add 3oz. of Almond Milk and Basamati Rice Horchata

4.) Add Ice

5.) Garnish with Fresh Ground Cinnamon

People's Choice

Mixologist: Andrea Valdez

Restaurant/Bar: Maizie's Cafe

Cocktail: "Berry My Pineapple"

Best Garnish

Mixologist: Rebecca Stocks

Restaurant/Bar: District American Kitchen & Wine Bar

Garnish: housemade candied ginger and lemongrass

Cocktail: "Gingered Excellence"

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