Wine Condoms Protect Your Bottle

No, that headline is not a euphemism. If you're fed up with your wine going bad because you overestimated the amount of wine you needed (does that ever happen?) or sick and tired of wine stoppers forcing you to cram your bottle into the fridge in haphazard ways, Wine Condoms are just the solution you're looking for -- reportedly, all you have to do is roll one on and rest assured that your wine is safe from going sour.

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Since this sleek, black rubber wine cork alternative looks and functions exactly like its prophylactic predecessor, it's kind of surprising that the idea came from a mother-and-son team, but, hey, it's 2014 and if a rad mama wants to encourage safe sex and entrepreneurial abilities all in one go, more power to her.

The idea, originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, was so popular that the pair received over $1,000 more than they were asking. Its application for both beer and wine is obviously appealing, not to mention the ease of use and portability of the product. Each Wine Condom can be used one or two times and then discarded. Although the price for both the regular 10-pack and the large 25-pack is yet to be decided, you can stay up to date with all Wine Condom news on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.