World's Grossest Bloody Mary Includes Roast Chicken, Sliders, and Much More

Leave it to our lovely neighbors to the north to get bored enough to make a cocktail garnished with several full meals, hearty enough for a lumberjack or two to get stuffed. According to Eater, Vancouver sports bar Score on Davie is serving up Caesars, which is Canadian for Bloody Mary, with enough food on top to feed a family and held together by toothpicks and sheer force of will. So what's on Score on Davie's Caesar?

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The Clamato-based Mary might be something we Yankees might have a hard time swallowing as it is, but the fun doesn't stop there. The brunch cocktail, which actually isn't served during weekend brunch because it takes 20 minutes to make, is piled high with a full roast chicken, chicken wings, a burger, a slider, onion rings, a hot dog topped with pulled pork mac and cheese, and, just to make you really sad, a brownie.

According to the bar's Facebook, the "drink," which features four ounces of vodka, is intended for two people to share. However, with all of that gut bomb on top, we think we'd need at least two helpers to tackle this cocktail concoction. Oh, by the way, it's $60.

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