George Strait: As low key as they come.
George Strait: As low key as they come.

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George Strait is scheduled to perform on Friday, February 5.
US Airways Center

At the risk of sounding a thousand years old, Panda Bear may sing in "My Girls" something about providing a home for his children, but who could tell with all the electronic sounds on the recording? If, as Pitchfork's Amanda Petrusich says, that song is "the most earnest expression of basic human want recorded in 2009," then I'm losing my connection to the music of today. When Strait performs at US Airways Center, the sold-out crowd will be moved by every song in his troubadour-style live performance, reflecting the "expression of basic human want," from love lost and love treasured.

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George Strait epitomizes everything 'right' that gets ignored by everything that is currently 'wrong' about current country music; get the pun, G.S. fans? (Right Or Wrong - never mind...!) People that don't delve deep into his full-length albums are like people that eat food just for the taste of it...there's 'substance' in this man's body of musical brilliance. I was deeply worried that the song 'Troubador' was a kind of a chilling announcement that he was finally hanging up his hat and calling it a day...along with a scarce handful of artists still around from when I REALLY started to appreciate and listen to 'current' country music (ie: Mark Chesnutt, David Ball, Raul Malo), George is the ONLY man in the business that 'gets the point' - it's not country-rock (CROCK, in other words) that makes him's an honest appreciation of where his musical roots lie - he doesn't ride trends, he doesn't go out of his way to record hit singles (even tho his singles are just soooo awesome), he doesn't have to rely on some outrageous 'let's look like Kiss' stage's just him, a great band, and great songs...the only songs I ever sing/sang doing karoke (probably spelled that wrong) are George's ballads...George could pass gas and still make me sound like a bumbling novice when I try to 'sing' his songs...purists are gonna crucify me, but I'll take Strait over George Jones, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson ANY day...Strait is, hands down, the BEST of ALL TIME. It's a Love Without End, Amen...and the right thing...get George to do the half-time show at the Super Bowl next year.


I love George Strait. in the movie Pure Country, he was great, now they will have a sequel to that. very sexy !


I have loved GS since I was a child, this man can sing.

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