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5 Best Midcentury Modern Neighborhoods in Metro Phoenix

It's no secret that we hold a special place in our hearts for Midcentury Modern architecture here in metro Phoenix. While much of the Valley has been overrun with stucco homes and strip malls, quite a few residential and commercial time capsules remain relatively intact. For those who prefer their home have history over a hot tub, eye-catching design over cookie-cutter development, and character instead of a five-car garage, here are five of Phoenix's top Midcentury Modern neighborhoods.

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Marlen Grove Estimated value of homes: $180,000 to $451,000 Cross streets: 10th Street and Bethany Home Road

What was once a citrus grove is now one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods in uptown Phoenix. Since its construction in 1952, nearly every home in this Ralph Haver development has been modified in some way or another, which makes sense since Haver homes offer a lot customizable flexibility. From bright accents to sandblasted exteriors, this cluster of hip historic homes off Bethany Home Road and 10th Street is one of the most coveted blocks in town.

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