Follow These 10 Metro Phoenix Photographers on Instagram Now

We’re fortunate in metro Phoenix to have several art venues with robust offerings in fine art photography – including Tilt Gallery in Scottsdale and Art Intersection in Gilbert.

And First Friday regulars know they can typically get their photo fix at Drive-Thru Gallery and Bokeh Gallery in Roosevelt Row, or at ASU’s Northlight Gallery inside Grant Street Studios in the Phoenix warehouse district.

But sometimes you need a steady stream of eye candy, which is just what you’ll get when you follow these 10 photographers on Instagram.

William LeGoullon’s (@williamlegoullon) feed features haunting desert images that prompt reflection on the ways human activity impacts the environment. Look for photographs from his latest body of work, which includes photographs of discarded desert objects used by recreational shooters for target practice.

Cheyenne Rouse (@cheyennephoto) shares iconic images of the Southwest – including landscapes, buildings, trucks, and wildlife. Many of her photographs, which are often hand-colored, bring new life to old objects and relics of Arizona’s past.

I'm in love with this wire bundle.

A photo posted by David Emitt Adams (@davidemittadams) on

David Emitt Adams’ (@davidemittadams) gallery features primarily pictures of his own body of work, which includes photographs imprinted onto discarded objects including the lids of old, rusty tin cans. Followers see his works alone and as part of various exhibitions.

A photo posted by Andrew Pielage (@apielage) on

Andrew Pielage (@apielage) posts photographs showing the majesty of Southwestern deserts, where line and color collide on nature’s palette. But Pielage, who operates Drive-Thru Gallery and takes photographs for New Times, also features plenty of architecture shots, especially for Frank Lloyd Wright designs.

Caroline Hudson-Naef's (@chudsonnarf) feed includes not only fine art photography, but also snapshots of her everyday adventures imbued with humor and a personal perspective that's just slightly askew.

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