Arizona's Favorites for President Are Scott Walker and Hillary Clinton

The first poll in Arizona for 2016 presidential candidates shows Hillary Clinton as the choice of Democrats, and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as the leading choice of Republicans.

Clinton's lead at this point is fairly clear, as the choice of 58 percent of Arizonans, according to Public Policy Polling. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders polled at 16 percent.

On the Republican side, Walker's certainly not a clear favorite, and was the pick of only 16 percent of Republicans. former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio trailed closely behind with 14 percent each, followed by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 11 percent. Three other Republicans polled at less than 10 percent.

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According to pollster Tom Jensen, the poll results actually show good news for Rubio.

"Even though Walker's in first place by a negligible amount this poll might be most encouraging for Rubio," Jensen writes. "His 61% favorability rating is the best in the field by a large margin- Huckabee at 52% has the next best rating. Rubio is also the most frequently named second choice among Republicans in the state- overall 32% of GOP voters say he's their first or second choice with Walker at 29% and Bush at 24%."

The results aren't that dim for Sanders in the Democratic primary either.

A total of 35 percent said Sanders is either their first or second choice, which is well above any of the other Democratic candidates not named Hillary.

"Clinton's dominance still makes Sanders decidedly second tier, but he's at least at the top of that second tier," Jensen writes.

In hypothetical presidential match-ups, Clinton trails every Republican but Texas Governor Rick Perry, though Clinton was within three points of seven of the nine Republican candidates.

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