Can Shamed Former County Attorney Andrew Thomas Kiss His Law License Goodbye?

Shamed former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas will again today take the stand in the state Bar ethics hearing that could potentially conclude with Thomas saying "buh-bye" to his license to practice law.

Thomas spent the majority of the day yesterday on the stand trying to explain why he charged numerous county officials/political enemies with a variety of trumped-up charges.

As our colleague Ray Stern points out in his report on Thomas' testimony, the former county attorney seemed to have a well-rehearsed answer for everything.

See Stern's post here.

Thomas may have an absurd answer for everything, but any response he may give (while under oath, mind you) doesn't change the facts, which seem to show that he abused his powerful position in the county to try and intimidate anyone who opposed him (and his pal Joe Arpaio) politically.

Thomas is a slippery cat, though, and could possibly escape the hearings with his law license intact.

We want to know what you think: can Thomas kiss his license to practice law goodbye?

Cast your vote below.

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