Hot Links: McCain's Arizona Lead Withers, Feds Collar Mongols, Food Network's Fieri Feasts in Flagstaff.

By Stephen Lemons

Napolitano as head of Homeland Security? Maybe kissing Obama's butt will be worth it. Pollster believes McCain's lead is shrinking in Sand Land, along with everywhere else. Jail surveillance system failed to halt videotaped murder. (Duh.) Sheriff's office knew of Mesa library illegals in August. Feds collar Mongols bike club members. White power thugs assault Hispanic man in NoPho. Supervisor Brock hires GOP attack terrier Jason Rose to protect him from newbie Ed Hermes. Clippers cut up by Suns in preseason. Gonzo seeks return to D-Backs. Nelson and Thomas mix it up in KAET debate. VP boss of the Senate, Palin tells third-graders. And Food Network host Guy Fieri puts on the feed bag in Flagstaff.

ABA suggests Nappy for Homeland Security post.

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