Is Arizona GOP Chairman Tom Morrissey a "Birther"?

Arizona Republican Party chairman Tom Morrissey insists he is not a "birther."

However, Morrissey says, "In my opinion, what I have seen from the president, produced as a birth certificate, does not convince me that it is a real document."

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The Associated Press brought up the situation in its report on the meeting in which Arizona's 11 electors cast their votes for Mitt Romney. Apparently, three of those electors -- Morrissey being one of them -- went "birther."

According to that report, Morrissey and two others "spoke up during the ceremony to voice doubts about Obama's eligibility as a native-born U.S. citizen."

Morrissey was later given the opportunity to explain himself on 550 KFYI and Morrissey -- speaking as a "concerned American" -- said he didn't think the president had produced a "true document," and the president's birth certificate "doesn't ring with [him]."

Now, does it sound like the head of the Arizona Republican Party is a "birther"?

Cast your vote below:

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