Is Arresting People to "Spite" Others Something the Sheriff of Maricopa County Should Do?

In case you missed it, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told the Associated Press over the weekend that 500 illegal immigrants were arrested by his office "just for spite" after the civil rights investigation into the sheriff was launched.

Of course, Arpaio was just kidding about the statements he made during a 2009 speech in Texas.

He clarified to the AP that it was actually "thousands" of illegal immigrants who were arrested for the official purpose of "spite."

We don't have a copy of Maricopa County Sheriff for Dummies, but we'll guess arresting people to spite your critics isn't part of the curriculum.

This morning's question: Is arrested people to "spite" others something the sheriff of Maricopa County should do?

Cast your vote below:

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