More red carpet madness at Super Thursday

Since we last blogged, the following luminaries have traipsed past us:

Junior Spivey, Matt Kamp of the Dodgers, Guy McIntire, Brian Waters of KC Chiefs, Jimmie Johnson, Bill Hall, Vanessa Minillo, and our two faves thus far -- Terry Crews and Nick Lachey.

Terry Crews was hamming it up -- dancing in front of the cameras, pulling open his jacket to flex his pecs, and screaming back at the people screaming at him.

Nick Lachey has been up and down the red carpet twice now. Everybody wants a piece of him. We chased him down a couple of times but never got a one-on-one...even though our videographer, Jody Gnant, was screaming after him.

Now, we're just waiting for Diddy...

More to come on the live performances shortly!


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