Supai Woman Gives Birth on DPS Helicopter During Emergency Flight Out of Canyon

A woman from Supai Village, the small town at bottom of the Grand Canyon, gave birth this morning on a rescue helicopter, the state Department of Public Safety reports.

As visitors to the remote, highly scenic spot know, the town in the Havasupai Reservation is one of the few places in the United States without motor vehicles. Most outsiders arrive there after a 10-plus-mile hike.

Supai Village
Supai Village
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Just after 6 a.m. this morning, the 33-year-old woman developed an unspecified medical emergency while in active labor. Her doctor decided she needed to be flown out as soon as possible. No medical transport choppers were available, so the DPS came to the rescue with its own helicopter.

On the way to the Kingman Regional Medical Center, about 130 miles away, the DPS says... became clear that her soon-to-be newborn wanted to make his grand appearance prior to getting to the hospital. Working quickly, the DPS crew delivered the healthy baby boy in the back of the helicopter while still in flight. There were no complications.

Aww -- he'll always be mommy's little angel.


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