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Tony Mandarich, Ex-Green Bay Packers Player, Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Over Explicit Online Postings

A former Green Bay Packers player famous for his use of steroids has been sued by an ex-girlfriend who claims he posted sexually explicit pictures of her online — under her own name.

Tony Mandarich of Scottsdale, who recently released a tell-mostly-all book about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, purchased a Web domain last September under the name of his ex-girlfriend, Sharra Ferbrache. Then he proceeded to put up the pornographic still-shots and video, Ferbrache claims in the lawsuit. (Click here for Courthousenews.com scanned-in version).

A review of the "Who Is" information related to the domain, www.sharraferbrache.com shows that the owner is a possible employee of Mandarich's (see below).

The associated address in Scottsdale for the domain's owner is the same address and phone number as for Mandarich's Web-site management business. Mandarich is also featured on the site, which purports to be Sharra's "fan site."

Warning to folks using work computers — turn the volume down if you choose to log on! The site was working as of 1:30 p.m. today.


RSP: Domain Directors Pty. Ltd. URL: http://www.instra.com/

created-date: 2008-09-30 17:32:51 updated-date: 2009-05-08 09:38:10 registration-expiration-date: 2010-09-30 17:32:51

owner-organization: owner-name: William Bonney owner-street: 7047 E Greenway Parkway Suite #190 owner-city: Scottsdale owner-state: Arizona owner-zip: 85254 owner-country: US owner-phone: +1.4802777888 owner-fax: owner-email: [email protected]

When Ferbrache tried to get a judge to shut down the site, her lawsuit claims, Mandarich posted even more material.

We tried to get ahold of Mandarich this afternoon by phone, but a woman at his business said she wouldn't even pass along a message until after he got back from lunch. We'll let you know if he calls back.

In light of this lawsuit, we're wondering what to make of the following passage from the above-linked Sports Illustrated article:

Mandarich's second wife, Charlavan, who dated him for two years at Michigan State, and with whom he shares four children (two from his first marriage, two from hers), says she has seen great change in Mandarich during their five-year marriage; he has become humble and calm and spiritual. They work extremely hard and close together at their web-design and Internet marketing business. Char almost mists up describing her husband—"a brilliant, gentle, white light, a beautiful light," she says.

What a swell guy.

UPDATE: About an hour after this post was published, the offending Web site was taken down.

UPDATE: The case in Maricopa County Superior Court was dismissed in 2012 following a settlement, online records show.

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