UFO Reportedly Spotted at Airport By Sky Harbor Employee

Late on a Tuesday night at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, an employee was taking trash to a Dumpster outside the air-traffic-control tower when a mysterious glow caught his attention. A massive V-shaped object was hovering off the ground, light emanating from the bottom.

“The lights were what I noticed at first … It was very large as it passed beside me,” the witness stated. “I was in total disbelief that it was happening. It made no noise at all.”

The reported sighting occurred about 9 p.m. on March 1 at Terminal 4, but was just recently investigated and reported by the Mutual UFO Network witness report database. An article on the case first appeared on a UFO website. 

The airport employee described the object’s movement as it traveled over to the Sky Train Station, when he lost sight of the lights. Although he believed that it was otherworldly, he said he was not afraid.

“I didn’t feel anything but shock as I pondered what had just taken place,” he reported, along with an illustration of what he saw. “This event lasted just about five minutes or so. I felt calm and no sense of danger or apprehension afterwards. Just a sense of wonder and amazement that something so huge could travel in the air and not make any noise.”

The airport sighting is just one of hundreds of reports of UFOs in Arizona, making the state one of the top places on the planet for purported alien activity, according to reports compiled by the Mutual UFO Network.

“In the last 10 years, I have seen a definite increase in UFO sightings in Arizona,” says Jim Mann, the Arizona state director for Mutual UFO Network. “This phenomena is very, very real … We are not alone in this universe.”

Of course, the most famous is the Phoenix Lights, one of the most widely witnessed UFO sightings in history. For three hours on the night of March 13, 1997, a massive string of glowing orbs hovered over Valley skies, passing silently over a 300-mile corridor from the Nevada line through Phoenix to the northern edge of Tucson.

The airport sighting is currently under investigation by an Arizona MUFON field investigator, Mann says. 

“We are seriously trying to find out what that person saw,” he says. “There are a lot of things in the sky, especially nowadays with drones and radio-controlled toys. And 98 percent of the time, we can find out what it is you witnessed.”

Of the 340 UFO sightings reported to the UFO Network last year in Arizona, the volunteer organization found only 12 to be unidentifiable.
In this case, a field agent has interviewed the airport employee about the incident, but at this point it's unclear if the witness is credible, Mann says. 

Julie Rodriguez, a spokesperson for Sky Harbor, says no employees reported a UFO sighting to airport officials on the date of the alleged incident. 

"The airport didn’t receive any reports of anything unusual on March 1," she says. 

UFO hunter Jeff Willes, who runs the website UFOsOverPhoenix.com, says he has also spotted mysterious floating objects near and around the airport.

“It’s just another reported UFO sighting over Phoenix,” he says of the report. “The big twist on this one is the guy actually worked at the airport. So that makes this interesting. He sounds credible.”

Regardless if the object spotted can actually be identified, Mann says, it’s clear Phoenix is a premier destination for intergalactic visitors.

“When you look at that data, you have to agree that there is something going on,” he says. “The evidence becomes very overwhelming that this planet is being engaged by something that is basically unexplainable to the general public.”
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