I Have a Name Project at 9 Gallery, 12/6/13

Jon Linton had an idea. When a fellow artist put a flame under Jon's ass, that idea started to solidify and manifest itself in the form of the I Have a Name Project. Equipped with a camera and a sense of compassion, Jon has photographed and spoken with individuals in need of food, clothing, shelter, as well as something most of us take for granted: to have a name.

The project started out consisting solely of Linton's own work, but other artists have jumped on to the project and started contributing their work, expanding the media from merely photography to paintings, mixed media, and written word. Many contributing artists have felt the effects of needy individuals either having experienced homelessness and hopelessness themselves or being connected to someone who has.

The I Have a Name Project is currently being shown at 9 Gallery on Grand Ave. - Jeremiah Toller.

All photo by Jeremiah Toller

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