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32: Sue Chenoweth

32: Sue Chenoweth

Sue Chenoweth is an artist and an undercover educator. She has an extensive inspiration wall. In May, Chenoweth transformed the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art into a whimsical board game (Wynter Holden reviews it here). Chenoweth's whimsy and imagination plays a large role in what she paints.

Read more about Chenoweth and her love of Phoenix after the jump ...

1. List five things on your Inspiration Wall (real or imagined):
- The intersection of biological sciences and fine art. This is where I am going with my work ... I don't know how this will play out but it will and has already to some extent.


- John Isaacs - he floors me
- Annette Messager - the animals
- Neo Rauch - Which way is he going?
- Thomas Hart Benton - swirls, color and scale
- and of course my favorite, Winslow Homer - the KING of the Eastern seascape.

History, Places and things:
- The History of Coney Island - bits and pieces of the three turn of the century amusement parks. I am using imagery from this in my next show.
- The History of Whaling in America - Nantucket to New Bedford
- The Vatican Museum Map Room - My favorite place in Italy
- American Estates of the Gilded Age- I like to explore the sub-basements, mezzanines and beyond
- Secret passageways
- See estate houses
- Gray Whales - their migration from Baja to Siberia
- Sperm Whales - Moby Dick, and the Whale ship Essex, Bamm Whammm! Longing and obsession. I want to be face to face with one.
- Blue Whales - Big Want to swim next to one...someday. Or at least see one.
- Grizzly Bears - Timothy
- Polar Bears
- Great White Sharks - They are so beautiful and graceful. My life was changed when I went cage diving with them for 5 days.
- World War II - How people survived in Nazi Germany.
- Magical Childhood memories
- Fairy Tales - see Magical Childhood Memories above. Tiny Tree houses and stairs. Remember STORY BOOK LAND that used to be at Disneyland?
- Universal Subconscious - those in the art world know about this so well

- Moby Dick by Herman Melville - STILL after all these years. The best American book ever written.

Last Big Project:
Spyhopping: Adventures with Sue Chenoweth and the Permanent Collection at The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (It's up until Sept. 19).

Next Big Project
What Goes on and What Takes Place at the Modified Arts. It goes up in February.

Why Phoenix?
Because I live here and have a bond with this place. It is where I have my family, friends etc. Also smells and memories. Those of us who have been here forever can smell the cooler pads when the cooler was turned on from our past. We can smell the manure on the winter rye grass. The smell of a summer night. The light. The air. Memory.

What is something you want Phoenix to know about you?
Two things: I take this art thing very seriously and it is everything to me. I also take teaching very seriously and want my students to understand that they can have lives full of engagement and serendipitous wonder.

What's something you don't want Phoenix to know about you?
I know that I can make people uncomfortable sometimes. Sorry about that. I am working on it.

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