Visual Arts

"Chaos Theory 14" Hits Its Prime, Remains Plagued by Predictability and Mediocrity

Who could have imagined that "Chaos Theory," a three-day, ragtag invitational art exhibition uncurated by artist Randy Slack of Legend City Studios, would hit its teenage prime and actually force local artists to hone their skills for public review?

Fourteen years ago, "Chaos Theory" borrowed its name, quite aptly, from the principle formulated by American mathematician Edward Lorenz that small differences in beginning conditions of a dynamical system will end up creating such different outcomes that long-term predictions about the system are basically impossible. For us math-phobic laymen, that means even a minor change in something's beginning can affect its ultimate outcome.

"Chaos Theory" ends up being the perfect moniker for this show, which started as a funky, ragingly uneven DIY show back in the day and has morphed into a highly anticipated annual event that will actually continue this year past its original one-weekend-only boundaries.

Check out a slideshow from First Friday.

Not that "Chaos Theory 14" is the perfect exhibition, by any means, though participating artists seem to be taking their submissions more seriously than ever before. Unfortunately, the Legend City exhibition this year is still plagued with enough predictability and mediocrity, not to mention passing topicality, to keep it from reaching any aesthetic apex.

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Kathleen Vanesian