Embrace Fall and Make a Scarf (No Sewing Required)

Photo by Cyndi Coon
That's right, the 80-degree days are around the bend, which, around here, means a few of us are more than eager to pull out the winter wear, boots and jackets.

So for a thrifty fall project to get you in the mood why not make a no-sew fleece scarf?

This is a simple and inexpensive afternoon project. You can purchase all your supplies at a local craft store and for about $10 you can have unique, and embellished scarf.

- 1 yard of no-sew fleece fabric
- Several pieces of colored felt (9 x 12 sheet)
- E-6000 Glue
- Pin backs
- Scissors

1. Using your chosen pieces of colored felt cut up several different shapes in varying sizes.

2. Stack the shapes on top of one another.

3. Once you are happy with the layers, glue them together using E-6000 industrial glue.

4. Flip to stacked shapes over to the back and attach a pin back, again with E-6000 glue.

5. Make several of these felt pins.
6. Allow glue to dry completely, overnight is best.
7. Cut your No-Sew fleece to around 6 inches by 1 yard (36 inches)

8. Attached felt pins to fleece scarf.

Now sit in front of the fan and patiently wait until you can actually wear this outside. The cooler weather is coming.

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Cyndi Coon
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