Fiat Lux Gallery Coming Soon to Downtown Scottsdale

Entrance to Fiat Lux in downtown Scottsdale.
Entrance to Fiat Lux in downtown Scottsdale. ps:studios
A new gallery called Fiat Lux is opening in downtown Scottsdale on Thursday, October 5.

Jacques and Raquel Barbey of Phoenix are behind the new space. Jacques is a photographer, and Raquel is a real estate professional specializing in luxury residential properties.

They announced the news via press release on Thursday, September 21.

The new 6,000-square-foot gallery is located at 6919 East First Avenue. It’s designed to function as a hybrid exhibition and pop-up space.

“The idea behind Fiat Lux was to create a modern gallery space that caters exclusively to artists to exhibit their work in a pop-up format,” Raquel Barbey says in the release.

Several new galleries have opened in downtown Scottsdale in recent years, even as others have closed.

Recently, Denise Fleisch relocated Lotus Contemporary Art from Roosevelt Row to Scottsdale, and Nicole Royse opened Royse Contemporary.

So far, the Barbeys have announced plans for three themed exhibitions taking place in coming months. Each show will last several weeks.

Fiat Lux is a seasonal gallery, which means it won’t be open during the summer months.

Gallery hours will be from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday nights. That's when Scottsdale holds its weekly art walks.

click to enlarge Image from Bob Carey's The Tutu Project. - BOB CAREY PHOTOGRAPHY
Image from Bob Carey's The Tutu Project.
Bob Carey Photography
First up is “Gallery Bob Carey: Photographs,” with work by New York-based artist Bob Carey. His best-known body of work, The Tutu Project, includes an extensive series of images of Carey donning a pink tutu in diverse settings.

Carey launched The Tutu Project in 2003 after his wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. They’ve self-published a book of photographs called Ballerina, and the artist will be signing copies at the opening for his Scottsdale show.

The exhibit will include photographs from new and archived projects, including some that stirred controversy during the ‘90s. Carey’s work has previously been shown in several Valley art venues, including Udinotti Gallery in Scottsdale and Mesa Contemporary Art Museum.

The grand opening for Fiat Lux happens from 7 to 10 p.m. on Thursday, October 5. People who want to attend are asked to RSVP on the event Facebook page.

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