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Fuller House Episode 10 Takes Us Out to the Ball Game

Each week, we will be recapping season one of Fuller House, episode by episode. Please enjoy only pictures of the cast wearing San Francisco Giants gear so they get the most out of whatever they had to pay to get the rights. 

Fuller House spent its 10th episode taking its season-one home stretch very literally, setting most of it at a baseball game. It's by far the most cohesive episode to date and — *spoiler alert* — downright good. It goes along with our theory of the show being best sans Elder Tanners, but the change of scenery helped, too. 

It all begins with the family gathered around waiting to meet Stephanie's new boyfriend, San Francisco Giants right fielder, Hunter Pence. She had mentioned him briefly in the last episode as being among her many suitors, but apparently it got serious real fast. We'd love to know the scenario in which they met. Was Hunter at Coachella totally moved by her last-minute headlining set? Is San Francisco small enough that all "famous" people know each other?

At any rate, they're macking, and with that comes free baseball tickets for the whole clan! That includes the love interests of both DJ and her son Jackson, Hunky Dr. Matt and Cool Girl Lola, respectively. He hand delivers the tickets and after mentioning his current batting slump, the family lays into him on how he should do better. Uh, simmer down, y'all. Stephanie is trying to lock down some financial security so maybe we don't have to watch her DJ anymore. To that point, Jackson shares that he heard that Pence had a new girlfriend who was a "jinx," a clever nod to Jessica Simpson's stint dating Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. It makes her uneasy, but the two are gross and in love and get off her back, guys. 

Speaking of gross, Hunky Dr. Matt comes over to pick up his tickets and DJ tries to play it cool. After a brief makeout sesh on the porch, she comes back in to find everyone looking at her because let's face it, she is being less than coy about the whole thing. The boys give their approval, which was nice to hear considering the show could have done a repeat of the drama when Danny tried to date again. The ladies also approve, but for some reason, feel the need to bring up what this means for Steve. Who cares? Homeboy has been a major creep since the first episode and she owes him little to nothing. She probably wouldn't have even thought about it if they hadn't said anything. It got in her head though, and she decides she needs to let him know. 

A few hours later, they go walking their dogs together. In typical creepy Steve fashion, he says they should walk their dogs every morning and every night. Oh hey, let's just move in together, for the dogs. Ugh. However, DJ, being a usual sucker, starts to get mushy about it, especially as he waxes poetic about couples who find each other again. BARF. She starts to tell him about Matt when Steve kisses her - twice -the second time being longer and more "R-Rated, "as Stephanie put it. (Has she ever seen an R-rated movie? This was PG at best.) Suddenly, the heartbreak is canceled and she starts going along with his crazy. 

The other two girls were, of course, watching from the kitchen window and ready to give their opinions. On one hand, Matt will be moving back to Miami when his Dad returns from vacation. On the other, Steve has been loyal and it would be interesting to see how it would work after all this time. She settles on breaking it off with Matt, since long distance relationships are hard, let alone it being her first after her husband died. It's quite the pickle — sports joke!

Later, the family all heads to the baseball game, ready to watch Steph's boyfriend and — wait for it — see Stephanie sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch. Now she sings, too? It's too much. At least they didn't do a set up where she DJ'd from the pitcher's mound. As they talk about Steph and Hunter, a fan behind them realizes that Steph is "the jinx" and spends the rest of the game tormenting her. He also takes a foul ball headed towards Max because he's the worst. 

Speaking of the worst, Jackson invited his lady love Lola to the game as well. After trying to take down her unnecessarily complicated concession stand order, Ramona rocks her wingman status, suggesting they go together. Armed with Matt's credit card to buy the food, they stop into the gift shop where she sees an autographed jersey for sale. Still desperate, Jackson offers to buy it for her, even after the clerk tells him it's almost $300 and actually believes he is "Dr. Matt." Abandoning all moral code, he gets it for her and with stars in her eyes, she follows him up to a "secret spot" where you can see the whole city while you watch the game. Smooth move, J-$ (his words, not ours). 

Back in the stands, DJ and Matt start chatting about his upcoming departure, at which point he tells her that he's thinking about staying in San Francisco after all. Plan foiled, DJ! Now she's stuck again, unsure of whom she should end up with. 

Later, Stephanie swaggers on to the field for her solo. When she starts, Grumpy McFan in the stands yells out that she's "the jinx" and starts booing. This starts a wave of boos across the stadium, to which Stephanie stops the song to proclaim, "HOW RUDE!" because of course she did. The boos get louder and when she asks the stadium if she should just break up with Hunter, the boos immediately turn to cheers. At that point, she looks at her boo and tells him that they have to break up so he can be better at hitting. Is that how sports work? Or how relationships work? Either way, we must be doing it wrong. 

Back in the stands, Kimmy and Ramona try to dance around with Do It Gibbler Style signs for promotion and they get kicked out and the whole thing was super boring. Meanwhile, DJ and Dr. Matt get caught on the kiss cam and DJ is characteristically awkward about it. First, she kisses Max on the cheek instead. Then they come back to them and she waves them off, but when they don't leave, he kisses her on the cheek. They come back again and the crowd cheers louder. They eventually cave, macking harder than ever. Guess who saw it all? Steve, who was at the game, like a stalker. Somehow, in a noisy stadium, DJ actually hears him yelling about it (what?) and Matt hears him say (how?) that they kissed this morning. Busted, Deej. 

The family goes to leave, walking outside the stadium, each sulking for their respective reasons. The sulkiest was Max, who wanted to catch a foul ball to take for show and tell (that's still a thing?) They hear Hunter being called up to the plate and the crack of the bat. The announcer yells that it's heading to right field, exactly where they are standing. It flies over the top and into Max's glove because science. It was ridiculous, this show is ridiculous, let's move on. 

Back home, both Matt and Steve just so happen to show up at the same time to settle things with DJ. They each state the case for their courtship, with a set of flashback sequences including Matt and DJ's first kiss and the first time Steve and DJ said they loved each other at prom. Remember when you weren't the worst, Steve? Lots of feels. Refusing to be one-upped, they both ask her out on a date in front of each other, and she accepts both offers (future episode hilarity to ensue, probably.) As they're leaving, they both frantically lean in to kiss her and she abruptly moves, so they kiss each other. Better watch out, Matt. Steve's a stage-five clinger. 

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