Greg Esser to Open Gallery on Sixth Street

Greg Esser loves a good project.

We actually can't remember the last time he wasn't renovating a historic building, organizing an art show, or spaying a handful of feral cats -- all between his seemingly countless arts jobs in two states.

Esser's the Director of the Civic Art Program for Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and founder of Roosevelt Row CDC and eye lounge gallery in Phoenix. He also happens to be a seriously talented artist and writer.

And on the Third Friday of this month, Esser will (soft) open his latest venture: A gallery space on Sixth Street.

Esser laughs and explains that visitors are usually more forgiving when a space has a "soft" opening. He's currently surrounded by paint, butcher paper and masking tape.

On his to do list: Paint and re-surface the walls (to support hanging art), finish installing light fixtures, rework the layout of the front room (to accommodate a welcome area and small retail space), and ultimately repurpose a space he originally remodeled years ago.

The gallery's located in Sixth Street Studios, which was a space Esser created from rubble back when Roosevelt was in its ghost town phase -- before galeries began taking over the neighborhood and fire dancers and slushy throwers began taking over First Friday.

The space has since been a studio and a residency and will return to a working gallery, under the working name "Regular Gallery" -- if the name sticks, Esser says.

As for the opening show, Esser says he's still working out the details, but knows it will be a group show. He also says he plans on working with RoRow art veterans (and former Sixth Street Studio residents) Brian Boner and Mike Lundgren, among others, for shows in the future.

In the meantime, he has a few more things to get working on.

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