His Town: Sloane McFarland

Sloane McFarland is not usually a man of so few words (he passed on several of our scintillating fill-in-the blanks), but he's certainly a guy of many actions. Whether he's making art or developing buildings, McFarland comes at it from the heart, and our city's the better for knowing him. The man who made way for Lux Coffeebar, Passage boutique and Pane Bianco is at it again with Yourtown, a BOP-worthy spot at 16th Street and Buckeye that one day — mark our words — will be the new epicenter of cool in this little part of the world. And for the record (and so he'll talk to us again after this), McFarland's video installations — at least, those that we've seen — are nothing like his Saturday-night obsession, High School Musical 2. You're a good dad, Sloane.

I arrived in Phoenix in 1973.

When I’m stuck in traffic, I tend to remember I am not on a conveyor belt.


Sloane McFarland

On Saturday night, you can find me watching HSM2 for the HSM20th time.

My favorite thing about summer in Phoenix is the heat.

In high school, I was the kid who really looked funny trying so hard.

In another life, I was a bright light of hope.

On my nightstand, you’ll find one digital alarm clock, two Kleenexes, one photocopy of "Fifteen St. Bridget Prayers."

The best thing about Phoenix is the heat, and then the cool.

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