Is Phoenix Doing Enough to Honor and Celebrate Martin Luther King?

Editor's Note: In the weeks leading up to Martin Luther King Day, we've searched for events happening in Metro Phoenix and came up relatively empty handed. (If you know of interesting and educational MLK celebrations, we encourage you to leave details in the comments section). ASU will host an MLK poster and essay exhibition through January 31 and a rally on January 24, the City of Phoenix will host its annual MLK Breakfast , and Mesa will host a festival at the Mesa Arts Center. But some community members think Phoenix can do more.

Ada Martin is an adjunct professor and senior instructional developer at University of Phoenix. She recently made a comment about her own plans for MLK day on Facebook and we asked her to explain.

Monday is Martin Luther King Day in Phoenix and some of you are looking forward to sleeping in, lounging around in your pajamas and catching up on your favorite shows but if you are like me, you are actually looking, or should I say, scrambling for meaningful ways to honor the legacy of Dr. King.

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Ada Malcioln Martin